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(This page is dedicated to my good friends and captains Oscar, Chacha & Carlos)

English                                  Spanish                                  Pronunciation

Yes                                          sí                                             see
No                                           no                                                       noh
Please                                     por favor                                pohr fah-BOHR
Thank you                             gracias                                   GRAH-see-ahs
You’re Welcome                 de nada                                              day-NAH-thah
No, thank you                      no, gracias                             noh, GRAH-see-ahs
Excuse me or Pardon me   discúlpeme                            dees-COOL-pay-may
Good morning                     Buenos días                          BWEH-nohs DEE-ahs
Good afternoon                   Buenas tardes                      BWEH-nahs TAHR-days
Good evening                       Buenas noches                     BWEH-nahs NOH-tchays
Goodbye                                Adiós                                      Ah-dee-OHS
Hello/Hi                                hola                                        OH-lah
See you later                                     hasta luego                           AHS-tah LWAY-goh

What is your name?           Cómo se llama?                   KOH-moh say YAH-mah
My name is…                        mi nombre es …                   Mee NOHM-bray ays…
How are you?                       Cómo está?                           KOH-moh ays-TAH
Fine, thank you.                  Bien, gracias                                     BEE-ayn GRAH-see-ahs
Very good, thank you.        Muy bien, gracias                MOOEE BEE-ayn GRAH-see-ahs
Do you speak English?       Habla inglés?                        AH-bla een-GLAYS
I don’t understand.                         no entiendo.                                     Noh ayn-TEEAYN-doh

Husband                                esposo                                    ays-POH-soh
Wife                                        esposa                                    ays-POH-sah

Where is/are…?                   Donde está/están…?           DOHN-day ays-TAH / ays-TAHN
When?                                   Cuando?                                KWAHN-doh
Who?                                                 quién?                                    keeayn
Why?                                      por qué?                                pohr kay
What?                                    qué?                                       kay
How long…? (time)                         cuanto tiempo?                    KWAHN-toh teeAYM-poh
How much does it cost?     cuánto cuesta?                     KWAHN-toh KWAY-stah
How far?                                A qué distancia?                  ah kay dees-TAHN-seeah
Can you help me?                Puede ayudarme?                PWAY-day ah-yoo-DAHR-may
What time is it?                   Qué hora es?                                    kay OH-rah ays

I (don’t) like it                      (No) me gusta                      (Noh) may GOOS-tah
I don’t know                                     No sé                                      NOH say.
I need                                     necesito                                 nay-say-SEE-toh
I’m hungry                            Tengo hambre                      TAYN-goh AHM-bray
I’m thirsty                             Tengo sed                              TEHN-goh sayd
I’m tired                                estoy cansado                       ays-TOY kahn-SAH-thoh
I’m ready                               estoy listo / lista                  ays-TOY LEES-toh / LEES-tah

Right now                             ahora mismo                        ah-OH-rah MEES-moh
Just a minute                       un momento                                    oon mo-MAYN toh
Come in                                 entre / pase                           EHN-tray / PAH-say
It’s cheap                               es barato                                ays bah-RAH-toh
It’s expensive                        es caro                                    ays KAH-roh
It’s cold (weather)               hace frío                                AH-say FREE-oh
It’s hot (weather)                hace calor                              AH-say kah-LOHR
I’m hot (temperature)        tengo calor                            TAYN-goh kah-LOHR
I’m cold (temperature)       tengo frío                              TAYN-goh FREE-oh

A little                                    un poco                                  oon POH-koh
A lot                                       mucho                                   MOO-cho
Some                                      unos / unas                          OO-nohs / OO-nahs
Tomorrow                             mañana                                 mahn-YAH-nah
Morning                                la mañana                             lah mahn-YAHN-ah
Afternoon                             la tarde                                  lah TAHR-thay
evening / night                    la noche                                 lah NOH-tchay
Bathroom                             el baño                                   ayl BAHN-yoh
Swimming Pool                   la alberca                               lah ahl-BAYR-kah
Open                                       abierto                                   ah-BEEAYR-toh
Closed                                    cerrado                                  say-RAH-thoh
Bed                                         cama                                       KAH-mah
Towel                                                 toalla                                      toh-AH-yah
Soap                                        jabón                                      hah-BOHN
Pillow                                                 almohada                              ahl-moh-AH-thah

I have a problem.                 tengo problema                    TAYN-goh pro-BLAY-mah
Waiter / waitress                 mesero / mesera                 may-SAY-roh / may-SAY-rah
I want / I’d like                    quiero / quisiera                 KEYAY-roH / key-SEEAY-rah
The bill please                      La cuenta, por favor            lah KWAYN-tah, pohr fah-BOHR
Breakfast                               desayuno                               day-sah-YOO-noh
Lunch                                    almuerzo / comida              Ahl-MWAYR-soh / koh-MEE-dah
Dinner                                   cena                                        SAY-nah

Black coffee                           café negro                              kah-FAY nay-groh
Coffee with milk                  café con leche                       kah-FAY kohn LAY-tchay
Milk                                        leche                                       LAY-tchay
Ice                                           hielo                                       EEAY-loh
Mineral water                      agua mineral                        AH-gwah mee-nay-RAHL
Wine                                      vino                                        BEE-noh
Beer                                        cerveza                                   sayr-BAY-sah
White wine                           vino blanco                           BEE-noh BLAHN-koh
Red wine                               vino tinto                              BEE-noh TEEN-toh
Lemonade                             limonada                               lee-moh-NAH-dah
Juice                                       jugo                                        HOO-goh

Egg                                          huevo                                                 WAY-boh
Scrambled eggs                    huevos revueltos                 WAY-bohs reh-BWAYL-tohs
Cheese                                   queso                                                 KAY-soh
Butter                                    mantequilla                          mahn-tay-KEE-yah
Bread                                                 pan                                          pahn
Fruit                                       fruta                                       FROO-tah
Salt                                         sal                                           sahl
Pepper (black)                      pimienta negra                     pee-MEEAYN-tah NAH-grah
Sugar                                      azúcar                                    Ah-SOO-kahr
Fish                                        pescado                                  pehs-KAH-thoh
Salad                                      ensalada                                ayn-sah-LAH-thah
Soup                                       sopa                                        SOH-pah
Dessert                                  postre                                     POHS-tray
Ice cream                               nieve / helado                      NEEAY-bay / ay-LAH-thoh

Sunday                                   domingo                                doh-MEEN-goh
Monday                                 lunes                                      LOO-nays
Tuesday                                 martes                                   MAHR-tays
Wednesday                           miércoles                              MEEAYR-koh-lays
Thursday                               jueves                                     HWAY-bays
Friday                                    viernes                                   BEEAYR-nays
Saturday                                sábado                                    SAH-bah-doh

1                                              uno                                         OO-noh
2                                              dos                                          dohs
3                                              tres                                         trays
4                                              cuatro                                    KWAH-troh
5                                              cinco                                       seen-koh
6                                              seis                                         sayees
7                                              siete                                        SEEAY-tay
8                                              ocho                                       OH-tchoh
9                                              nueve                                                 NWAY-bay
10                                            diez                                         deeays

straight ahead                      derecho                                  day-RAY-tchoh
left                                          la izquierda                           lah ees-KEEAYR-dah
right                                       la derecha                              lah day-RAY-tchah
north                                      norte                                      NOHRR-tay
south                                      sur                                          soorr
east                                         este/oriente                          AYS-tay/oh-REEAYN-tay
west                                        oeste/occidental                  oh-AYS-tay/ohk-see-dayn-TAHL


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