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Today, dining in the Cabo San Lucas area is as much about fine food as it is soaking in a superb location and enjoying a relaxed lifestyle. More recently, time-tested favorite restaurants have begun sharing the limelight with newer arrivals. The end result is a more robust collective menu across the region that is sure to tempt every person’s taste buds.

Known as a city where there’s always a party going on, Cabo San Lucas’ restaurants frequently double as bars and nightclubs. But there are establishments that lend themselves to more of a quaint, subdued state of mind. If you prefer, you can linger over a vintage or two. Area resorts offer even more culinary pleasures with international chefs offering the finest cuisine.

While restaurants in the Cabo San Lucas feature cuisine from all across the globe, many dining establishments remain true to the locale with true Mexican culinary experiences. Fresh ingredients meld with a cornucopia of chilies and exotic herbs and spices, creating fabulous dishes and enhanced flavor for meals you will not soon forget. Fresh seafood is a big draw, prepared every way imaginable.

Depending on your mood, you can dress up or down as you relax and indulge your palate. No matter what you crave, you’ll find it in the restaurants of Cabo San Lucas and other surrounding communities.

We have decided to “steal” from one of our favorite Cabo Insider websites – http://www.trapperscabolist.com

They cover every one of our favorite places to dine!

$=$6.00+ $$=$10.00 TO $20.00 $$$=$20.00 TO $30.00 $$$$=$30.00 +++

ALCARAVEA – ($$+)- Small restaurant that specializes in Italian, fish, with some meat, EXCELLENT food AND service. The chef really cares about every dish he puts out. A little hard to find but worth the hunt. I suggest reservations especially on week-ends. #624-164-2939. Up Zarazoga 2 blocks from Lazaro Cardenas , a little past Septiembre on your left. Well worth it. CASH ONLY!!

ASI Y ASADO- ($+)-GREAT FIND-Road side restaurant with simple local fare. Tacos, Empanadas, and Quesadillas, with cold beer. Full salsa bar. Excellent food and service, a MUST try. Located on the service road that parallels the highway heading towards San Jose. A short distance outside of Cabo, right past Cabo Karting.

BAJA CANTINA – ($$$) GOOD food–fun place-inner harbor just down from Solomon’s heading towards town. PH# (624-143-1591)

BAJA PEPPERS- ($$) In the Mar De Cortez Hotel. Breakfast, lunch and dinner. $3.00 USD breakfast includes eggs, country fries, toast, and fruit. 2X1 Bloody Marys would make it the best breakfast in Cabo.

CABO CANTINA – ($+) Very good tacos. Cheap drinks and multi T.V.s. Outdoor restaurant, 1/2 block up from Tanga Tanga on Marina Blvd. Well worth the stop, especially for lunch.

CASCADAS BEACH GRILL – ($$ TO $$$) Excellent fine dining! Great fish and steak, try the coconut shrimp. Great for that special occasion or a romantic dinner. Call for reservations, and have them set a table on the BEACH. Make sure it is not a theme night. Have the Mexican coffee after dinner, its quite a show. PH# (624-143-1882)

CRAZY LOBSTER-CHEAP but good seafood-some meat- and the cheapest tequila shot in Cabo-Up Hidalgo St. on the left- Same menu as Sleepless Lobster- BK- $–DINNER-$$- PH#(624-143-1021)

DESPERADOS – ($$) EXCELLENT FOOD-A/C- STOP IN, YOU’LL STAY- 7 T.V’s-Try their NACHOS, will easily serve 4. First left past Squid Roe heading away from town towards the mall. One block, on the corner, on the left. THIS IS A MUST TRY!!!!! PH#((624-143-4313), or (624-143-4331).

EL CORAL- ($$) Excellent SPECIALS-above average food-across from Wydham Hotel (formerly Tesoro Hotel) PH#(624-143-0150)

EL FARALLON: – ($$$$) Mainly seafood (by the ounce), excellent service and great food! Fine dining on the cliffs overlooking Solmar Beach. Located in the Capella Pedregal Hotel. A taxi or a car and RESERVATIONS A MUST. You go through a torch lite tunnel to the Pacific side; where an employee meets you and escorts you to the restaurant. All prices are in English. This a must for a special occasion or a romantic dinner. Ph #(624-163-3400)

EL PESCADOR- ($$) Mostly fresh seafood and VERY REASONABLE, family owned and run- Across the street from the Sleepless Lobster.

EL POLLO DE ORO-($$) Ribs and chicken, LOW prices-LOCALS place Corner of Morelos and Noviembre. PH#(624-143-0310)

EL TORITO’S- ($+) Excellent locals place-great seafood, low prices. Up Mendoza left on Ortego, 1st right, on the right

FELIX’S- ($$) 40 types of SALSA, VERY solid food, (Mama’s in the morning) up Hildago from Marina Blvd. on the right. PH#(624-143-4290)

GARDENIA’S- ($) Great Tacos especially the FISH -behind McDonald’s. REMEMBER they close at 5 P.M

GREENBERGS ($ TO $$) Good Food at moderate prices. Everything from Deli to America to Tapas. Daily Specials. Outdoor seating. TRY THE TAPAS, THEY ARE GREAT. Next to Johnny Rockets on the outer mall facing the inner harbor.

GORDO LELES – ($) BEST TACOS IN CABO and VERY reasonable prices-up Matamoros from Lazaro Cardenas Blvd 1 blk on right.

HACIENDA COCINA Y CANTINA- ($$+) Excellent food at very reasonable prices. Great view of the bay! For a hotel restaurant, the quality and especially the prices are great!! This restaurant is a WINNER, A MUST TRY!!! PH#(624-163-3144)

HAPPY ENDINGS- ($) Normally I do not put bars on my list, but Happy Endings is just a FUN place with CHEAP drinks and a GREAT atmosphere. You will really enjoy going there. On Marina Blvd.on the left before the Pink Kitty heading towards town.

LA DOLCE- ($$) Basic Italian but VERY CONSISTANT and GOOD-up Hidalgo from Marina Blvd. on the corner on the right. PH#(624-143-4122)

LA GOLONDRINA- ($$$$) Great outdoor setting -A+ food but EXPENSIVE-on Pescador 2 Blks up from Lazaro Cardenas heading toward the beach, on left-PH#(624- 143- 0542)

LA FONDA- ($$+) GREAT FOOD-Some very unique dishes-12 blks up Hildago on the left (taxi or car req.) A MUST TRY PH#(624- 143-6926)

LAS GUACAMAY’S- ($+) Locals place, LOW PRICES, excellent food. Up Morelos 2 blks past Obregon on the left. Long walk!!

LA RICAZON- ($$+) First street past City Club on Pescador, turn left on Camino Viejo on left. DON’T let the looks fool you. Take a chance, you’ll LOVE the FOOD, the prices have gone up since they have a new owner. Try the Tacones, similar to a wrap. –

LOLITA’S-($+)-Locals place-very good food, REASONABLE. Long block up Matamoros from Lazaro Cardenas Blvd

LOS TRES GALLOS- ($TO$$) NEW TO TRAPPERS LIST Small, cozy, family owned and run restaurant with very good authentic food. Most of it is grammas recipes. Very impressed!! Up Vacaro from Cardenas past Mocombos 1/2 block, across from the Comfort Inn on the left. SEE REVIEWS

MAMA’S ROYAL- ($$) Excellent BREAKFAST-TRY the STUFFED French toast- EXPENSIVE- (Felix’s in PM)-up Hidalgo St on the right. Ph#(624-143-4290)

MARIA CORONAS- ($$) Local flavor-EXCELLENT food-Family friendly- Definitely worth a try. Up Vacario from Lazaro Cardenas left on 16 De Septembre on the right. PH# (624-143-0123)

MARISCOS LAS TRES – ($$) EXCELLENT seafood at VERY reasonable prices-locals place-Don’t let the LOOKS fool you, TRY IT!!! 4 Blks up on Mendoza on the left-CLOSES AT 7 P.M.

MARO’S SHRIMP HOUSE- ($$) Mgr of the old Shrimp House on Marina Blvd-Same recipes and sauces-try the BULLDOG drink, EXCELLENT food, across from LaDolce on Hildago St.

MI CASA- ($$$) fun atmosphere, more of a family restaurant, RESV. strongly suggested. Across from town square- Runs hot and cold PH# (624-143-1933)

MIGUEL LOCOS- ($$) ANOTHER HIDDEN GEM. Excellent mesquite grilled steaks and chicken. Very good seafood and Mexican specialties. Ask about their own designer bottles of tequila. 1 1/2 blocks up from La Dolce on Hildago on the right. Across from the town square. Open for bk,lunch, and dinner. Ph#(624-143-7077)

MISSION DE KINO’S- ($$) EXCELLENT FOOD- 1ST right on Guerrero past Mar De Cortez Hotel heading away from town. PH# (624-156-1369)

MOCOMBO’S- ($$) MOSTLY Seafood- simple deco, GREAT PRICES and excellent food-UP Vicaro St. from Lazaro Cardenas 1 1/2 blks on the left. PH# (624-143-6070)

NIK SAN- ($$$$) GREAT SUSHI-BUT expensive- behind Tanga Tanga- PH#(624-143-4484) OR (2491)

PANCHO’S- ($$ TO $$$) VERY GOOD food, OPEN GRILL- worth a try-500 different types of TEQUILA- up Hildago St on the right. PH#(624-143-0973)

PATAGONIAS- ($$) Argentinean steak house-EXCELLENT STEAKS cooked on an open charcoal grill-1 LONG block up Matamoros from Lazaro Cardenas Blvd around the corner from Lolita’s on Heroes.

RIP’S BAR- ($ TO $+) No food just a GREAT meeting place- Next to TACO LOCO. Try the

RAINBOW SHOTS!! PH#(624-143-2667)

SALVATORE’S- ($$ TO $$+) GREAT Italian food, moderate prices. HUGE portions, can be a bit spicy at times. They are famous for their Lasagna, not served every night. (In the Siesta Suites Hotel) on Zapata. RESERVATIONS suggested. PH#(624-105-1044)

SENIOR SWEETS- ($$) Average food, MUST for DESERTS-FREE calls home-inner harbor, close to Marina Fiesta Hotel.

SLEEPLESS LOBSTER- $3.00 omelets-$5.00 shrimp omelets-behind Squid Roe-2×1 drinks 8 A.M. Same menu as Crazy Lobster-BRK ($ TO $+) DINNER ($$) PH#(624-143-1021)

SOLOMON’S- ($$ TO $$+) Excellent food & GREAT people watching- on the inner harbor by Wydham Hotel (formerly Tesoro Hotel). Great prices and selection on their bar menu PH#(624-143-3050)

TACO LOCO- ($+) 4 tacos and a beer $7.60-ALSO TRY the nachos and beer combo -next to RIP’S PH# CELL(624-113-3779)

TANGA TANGA- ($) 15 peso beers, 15 Peso tacos and 20 Peso mixed drinks- NEXT to Wydham Hotel (formerly Tesoro Hotel) PH#(624-144-1504)

TIKI BAR- ($$) Next to Baja Cantina-above average Sushi- plus simple American food- live music 3 nights a week.



BAJA CANTINA BEACH- ($$+) Good food and 2×1 DRINKS-Try the sushi-great people watching.

BILLYGAN’S ISLAND- ($$+) Average food-FUN PLACE- 2×1 drinks all day.

MANGO DECK-($$) GOOD food- GREAT beach action, happy hour 7am to 10 pm. PH:(624-143-0901)

TABASCO’S- ($$) BEST of the beach BARS, GOOD food, FAR end of Medano Beach, in front of Club Cascadas.



LATITUDE 22 ROAD HOUSE-($$) Gringo type restaurant -burgers, ribs, and sandwich’s. (AVERAGE TO GOOD) On the corridor behind Costco on the main hwy towards San Jose. PH#(624-143-9282)

PUERTA VIEJA- ($$) GREAT view of the desert and Sea of Cortez-many SPECIALS-same owner as Villa Serena right hand side past the Costco gas station on the way to San Jose. PH#(624-104-3252) OR (3334)

VILLA SERENA- ($$) Sweeping ocean view with ABOVE average food-Lobster specials WORTH A TRY. About 5 miles from Cabo toward San Jose on the right hand side. PH#(624-145-8244) OR (104-3134)


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