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April 17, 2014

Sorry for the inconsistency in reports the last few weeks, we have been busy getting prepared for the season and I got that god awful flu twice over the last 6 weeks.

We have been having one of the best spring marlin seasons seen in years! Many boats coming in with C&R flags a blazing, nothing big, but Los Amigos has had 2 Strips over the 180 mark in the last two weeks. Our crews have been encountering several marlin a day, some hunger, some just taking in the beautiful Cabo sun & weather, but that’s fishing! Our friends at Redrum Sportsfishing have had plenty of marlin action too! If you are in the area, try us out for the chance to catch these great fish and don’t forget C&R, Grays Taxidermy can do a wonderful full size mount just off of pictures and measurements!

Although not near as active and plentiful as in the summer months, we are picking up a few Dorado fishing near shore on the Sea of Cortez and around the 1150 and 95 bank. Tuna have been a bit scarce unless you head out 32-36 miles, the footballs are out there but are finicky at present.

Inshore fishing has been good, a lot of sierra, smaller grouper and parga being had for those interested in some jigging and drift fishing.

Team Los Amigos has boated 2 monster wahoo in the last 3 weeks, they are out there, you just have to hunt.

The biggest surprise so far this spring has been the yellowtail bite. Far and few between but Capt Carlos & Cha Cha did hit a lunker for a Team Los Amigos member on the pacific side 10 days ago. Hopefully the schools will show up soon, these are one of the best eaters out there.

Give us a call if you are planning on heading down to our particular harbor for some of the best fishing in the world! Make sure you check out our Facebook page and our current specials!

Tight lines and keep on fishin!

Capt Steve


JANUARY 30, 2014

Happy Happy Happy!!!! We are heading for a record month on Marlin!  Fishing has been hot!  Captains Cha Cha, Carlos and Oscar do it again!!! Best crew around!!!!

Team Los Amigos has been hooking up all week!!! The Marlin, Tuna and Dorado bite has been excellent for this time of year!

If you are down here or coming down, call us, message us or email us to set up a charter for some fantastic fishing and live long memories!!!

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Thank you all for your genuine support and following us!!!

Call, message or email us today to set up your charter!!!



JANUARY 21, 2014

“Best Day Ever”

January 20, 2014 Trip Advisor Review

My wife and I were in Cabo San Lucas from Jan 11-18 2014 and we booked a fishing trip through the resort and it was expensive and even though we told the crew we wanted a marlin, we only trolled around for a few hours close to the marina and only got a couple tuna’s.

We decided to try again and went down to the marina and talked to some locals and met Hector who hooked us up with a great crew and a great boat. We were abourd the grey light and I told them i didnt want anything but a marlin and didnt care about anything else. Right away our deck had Oscar told us he would get our Marlin and I could immediately tell the difference in the two charters. The Grey Light didnt even drop lines until we were 24 miles down the coast and right away we seen a Marlin on top of the water, we trolled out to sea and within a half an hour I had my 7′ 3″ 200lb StripedMarlin!

These guys were amazing fishermen and the trip was so amazing because there was no messing around, these guys knew i wanted a marlin and it was all business until I got it! Then the party started! The captain worked just as hard as the deck hand to keep us rigged up and we also saw huge pods of Dolphins, and tons of whales, the captain could see how excited my wife was to see the whales and we spent the afternoon trolling for Dorado and following whales! (Tourists)

We locked into some nice Dorado, fed the seals on the way back to the Marina, and took the crew out for a few beers and lunch with fresh Dorado! I will book with these guys everytime I come back! The resorts try to warn you about other companies only because they have their own hookups. My advice is wander down to the very safe marina, and find out who is serious about catching fish! We paid too much for a bad experience through the hotel, Find these guys at Dock B and you will be all set!!

Was everything a fishing trip should be!


JANUARY 16 , 2014


The weather and fishing has been spectacular this week with regular catches of Striped Marlin, Dorado and an occasional Wahoo! In-shore fishing is heating up, Yellowtails and Sierra are showing up in quantity and quality and the grouper fishing is hot!


And of course this is the time of year for whale watching, and boy have there been whales to watch!  If you are planning a trip to Cabo this month, you won’t be disappointed!

We have a few spots available this month on Grey Light and Lady Marlin. Call us today for availability and reservations.



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