Off-Shore Fishing


Cabo San Lucas offers some of the best off-shore fishing in the world. Within the deep, blue waters of Los Cabos, serious sport fishermen can find 300-pound tuna, lighting-fast sailfish and 1-ton blue marlin.

The numerous trenches, canyons and seamounts in the Sea of Cortez and Pacific Ocean host many baitfish and middleweight sport fish. The natural areas also host many big game species. Common off-shore sport fish include sailfish, swordfish, shark, tuna, dorado, wahoo and marlin in striped, black and blue.


Saltwater fly fishing is becoming increasingly popular in Cabo San Lucas. Fly anglers flock to the region each year to enjoy Baja California’s amazing fishing hot spots. Some of the most popular fly fishing hot spots include Magdalena Bay, the East Cape and areas off the coast of Lands End in Cabo San Lucas.


Many types of fish can be hooked through fly fishing – from the smaller game fish to larger, more glamorous marlin. Another sought-after species, billfish, can be caught through fly fishing, and their presence has made this an extremely popular activity along Cabo San Lucas.

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