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Because of a unique set of natural conditions, Cabo San Lucas is considered the sportfishing capital of the world. The locale is situated along the Sea of Cortez – an area off the coast of Cabo that opens into the Pacific Ocean. A combination of cool and warm water currents allow for especially favorable conditions that are ideal for sportfishing.

The waters around Cabo San Lucas provide some of the finest fishing in the world. Year-round, fishing is excellent with an array of species. From the mighty blacks and blues to the combative stripes, blue dorado, yellowfin tuna and elusive wahoo, beginning anglers stand a great chance of boating along some of the most sought after sportfish around. There are many species and fishing spots in the area. Check out our web pages devoted to fish species, calendars, fishing reports and fishing ground pages for more information.


Fishing in Cabo San Lucas is unparalleled around the world. The abundance of marine life in the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean has transformed Los Cabos into a mecca for sportfishing. Hundreds of species swim the bodies of water throughout the year. Each species has its own prime season.

The Sea of Cortez, also known as the Gulf of California, is the body of water that separates the Baja California peninsula from mainland Mexico. Named after a Spanish conquistador, Hernán Cortés, the sea is home to a variety of native and migratory species. Examples include the humpback and grey whales, as well as manta rays and sea turtles. The waters also are a hot spot for marlin – one of the most sought-after sport fish in Cabo San Lucas.

Scientists have identified more than 800 specifies of fish in the waters within the Sea of Cortez, making it one of the most bountiful fishing hot spots across the globe. The sea has a long history of commercial fishing that over time has morphed into a premiere spot for sportfishing.


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