Cruises, Sunsets & Whale Watching



One glimpse of Cabo San Lucas, and you will quickly realize why people travel across the globe to take in its beauty and splendor. One of the best ways to enjoy the area is by taking a sunset cruise. Watching the sun dip into the surrounding waters is an unforgettable experience. End a perfect day in a state of awe, taking in the magnificent colors splashing over the Pacific sky.



Another way to enjoy all that Cabo San Lucas has to offer is through a whale watching excursion. The coastal waters are known to host a wide variety of whales – particularly in the winter months. The height of whale watching season is from December through April. Because of its pristine condition, the Sea of Cortez is a nature refuge and fertile birthing ground for these gentle giants.

If you visit Cabo San Lucas during the winter months, be sure to say “hello” to the gray whales, which are seasonal guests in the region. Migrating thousands of miles every year, spectators have many opportunities to see groups of whales come up for air and interact with one another. One of the best times to watch gray whales is in the morning, when they are most active.

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