Fishing Calendar & Seasons

Fishing in Cabo San Lucas is a year-round activity, and every season brings an abundance of species – from such popular catches as tuna and dorado, to the challenging and exciting marlin and shark. The most plentiful season for fishing is between June and November when many species are at their prime levels. Regardless of the season, however, there is always something biting in Cabo San Lucas!

There isn’t a bad time of year to fish in Cabo San Lucas – in fact, a so-called “bad” day of fishing in this region is sure to rival the “best” fishing days almost anywhere else in the world.

Having said this, there are times of the year that have historically proven to be the best months to fish for such game species as marlin, dorado, tuna and wahoo. Our staff can help you decide when to take your excursion so you are sure to have the most epic days in the water.



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